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Hi guys! We are Tina & Alex. We are a couple based in East of France near the German border. We are travelling from time to time and we would like to share our experiences as well as writting our travel diaries. This is what this blog is about.

Alex & Tina

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Ilha do Cardoso - river side

Exploring south America biggest country and discovering its cultures and beaches


A coastal trip from Puntal del Diablo until Colonia del Sacramento in 10 days.

Boats in Punta del Diablo

1 Month in Rishikesh, northern india learning how to be a Yoga teacher.

Scheduled post

24/02/2020: Bus from Balneário Camboriú to Florianópolis

27/02/2020: Trail to Lagoinda do Leste in Florianópolis Brazil

02/03/2020: Mini Guide for travellers to Florianópolis 

05/02/2020:Bus story – From Brazil to Uruguay 

09/02/2020: Unique Stay in La Girada (Punta del Diablo)

12/02/2020: Complete guide to Punta del Diablo

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Yampupata trail, Copacabana, village, start

One day hike from Yampupata

Discover the countryside of northen Bolivia and explore the road between Copacabana and Yampupata town while following the coast of lake Titicaca. One day, one way, 20km hike.

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Scooter road trip around the Easter island

Let’s rent a scooter and go around the Easter island to discover its mystery. We will start by renting a scooter to go around the island and stop at point of interest. We will visit Ahu Huri A urenga, Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Papa Vaka, Ahu te Pito Kura, Ovahe, Anakena and Puna Pau.

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